Hosting Rates
In the event you have been thinking about starting your own website with a your own domain, email service and large transfer capabilities, or are seeking dependable website hosting with personal service, you have come to the right place. Please review the eight points and let me know if you are interested! Also, please consider sharing this page with anyone else seeking these services.

Why Host With Innovative Design?

  • No worry about technical details - all services are turn-key
  • $3.34 a month hosting (based on 2 years Basic Unix) and unlimited bandwidth
  • Personal support with quick phone and email response... often within minutes
  • The latest technology with the fastest website and email speed
  • Forget about website crashes and email failures... our servers are private
  • In business for 15 years while many website companies simply disappear
  • Custom PHP development at rates not found anywhere else
  • Many references who will testify to my hosting support being the best!

Beginners Space: UNIX STARTER provides 500MB of hosting; 15 emails; 2 databases & 5 FTP's for $60 one year; $105 for 2; $250 for 5 plus $40 one-time setup fee.

Average Space: UNIX LITE provides 1,000MB of hosting; 25 emails; 3 databases & 5 FTP's for $90 one year; $150 for 2; $360 for 5 plus $40 one-time setup fee.

Medium Space: UNIX STANDARD provides 2,000MB of hosting; 40 emails; 5 databases & 10 FTP's for $150 one year; $275 for 2; $610 for 5 plus $40 one-time setup fee.

Large Space: UNIX BUDGET provides 3,000MB of hosting; 50 emails; 6 databases & 10 FTP's for $200 one year; $325 for 2; $800 for 5 plus $40 one-time setup fee.

Bigger Space: UNIX ADVANCED provides 6,000MB of hosting; 50 emails; 8 databases & 10 FTP's for $250 one year; $410 for 2; $1,000 for 5 plus $40 one-time setup fee.

Huge Space: UNIX ULTIMATE provides 8,000MB of hosting; 60 emails; 8 databases & 10 FTP's for $300 one year; $490 for 2; $1,200 for 5 plus $40 one-time setup fee.

Biggest Space: UNIX EXTENDED provides 10,000MB of hosting; 75 emails; 8 databases & 10 FTP's for $350 one year; $575 for 2; $1,400 for 5 plus $40 one-time fee.


Domains cost $15 for 1 year, $25 for 2 years and $65 for 5 years. Park 5 or more domains at a time, $12 each. Transfer domain with hosting for same cost!

Each Unix account includes, unlimited transfers, cpanel (click for demo page & instructions manual here) administrative interface, Fantastico De Luxe, Perl, PHP4 with Zend Engine, WAP, Media Streaming, SSI, XML, C/C++, TCL, JSP, HTML, VRML, XML, Java, JavaScript, Python, FLASH Support, 16 most common CGI scripts built-in, Exhaustive Graphic web stats and counters. Remote email access via browser, Antivirus, Spam Assassin and BoxTrapper email filtering, Front Page support, Chat room-Forum-BBS can be user installed, basic shopping cart options included. Extra static IPv4 ($25) and SSL certification (Basic - $100) needed for e-commerce or credit card forms. Setup additional.

Windows Lite Hosting: Same price as UNIX Lite but only offers 250MB web space, 20 POP3 email accounts, unlimited transfers, control panel, 10 ODBC Connections. I only use this account when ASP is required. Not as powerful as UNIX account.

Innovative Design's Apache Unix (Linux OS) is housed in a datacenter in Dallas, Texas. These are not general population servers subject to overcrowding or spam which causes servers to slow to a crawl. Unix Apache Server Specifications: UNIX is far more stable than Windows in a shared-server, or multi-user environment. The servers are powered by Intel Zeon 3470 processors with 4MB RAM; with SATA hard drives and weekly backups.

The servers are not protected by Barracuda appliances, but exceeded by FortiGate-3810A network security appliances with10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. With four AMC expansion slots, the FortiGate-3810A can be customized to exceed furture performance needs. The 26 Gbps firewall performance can be achieved in a full configuration.

Regarding website development, I use Adobe GoLive CS in html format for the widest browser compatibility and accessibility compliance.If the project can be developed in PHP, I stay on a Linux system and maintain much of the PHP code. I develop sites to be as graphically pleasing as possible while keeping the code as complant as possible for minimal browser errors.

When a client desires to run their websites off internal servers, several problems can arise. Other servers rarely contain all the bells and whistles my private/secure server offers and they never not have sufficient speed. Only a couple data centers have OC48 circuits off their servers... makes a big difference when media is streamed. Package support is also very critical when employing databases and script functions. My private server has several thousand dollars worth of pre-installed software packages, which simply means I do not have development restrictions and costly bottlenecks.

If you wish to edit your own website over time, Adobe Contribute is the best option for a brower based editor with a small learning curve. Firefox 3 does not allow the Contribute extension at this time, therefore the best option for Firefox users is Scribefire.

Do you want encrypted and digitally signed emails, to keep them secure and confidential? If you are a personal user, Email Certificates are FREE through our choice vendor Commodo (Click Here). Certificates for multiple computers are under $8.00 a year per computer. This is a client add-on, meaning Innovative Design does not offer any support for this service.

Want spam filtering services without using BoxTrapper or SpamAssassin on the server? I encourage users with Outlook 97 thru 2007 to consider SpamBayes. It's Free and works! It is one of most highly rated open source applications available. Please carefully read the instructions (Click Here), Innovative Design does not offer any support for this product.

Scripts being installed by Fantastico De Luxe: Following scripts can be autoinstalled using Fantastico De Luxe. Installation procedure takes seconds and can be performed by novices without the need of setting up MySQL databases, importing structure, chmoding files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with installations:

b2evolution (1.8.2) (website)
Nucleus (3.23) (website)
pMachine Free (2.3) (website)
WordPress (2.0.5) (website)

Drupal (4.7.4) (website)
Geeklog (1.4.0sr5-1) (website)
Joomla! (1.0.11) (website)
Mambo Open Source (4.6.1) (website)
PHP-Nuke (7.9) (website)
phpWCMS (1.1-RC4 Rev. A) (website)
phpWebSite (0.10.2) (website)
Post-Nuke (0.762) (visit site)
Siteframe (3.2.2) (website)
Typo3 (4.0.2) (website)
Xoops (2.0.15) (website)

Customer Support
Crafty Syntax Live Help (2.13.1) (website)
Help Center Live (2.1.2) (website)
osTicket (1.3.1) (website)
PerlDesk (3.09) (Commercial, needs license) (website)
PHP Support Tickets (1.9) (website)
Support Logic Helpdesk (1.2) (website)
Support Services Manager (1.0b) (website)

Discussion Boards
phpBB2 (2.0.21) (website)
SMF (1.0.8) (website)

CubeCart (3.0.14) (website)
OS Commerce (2.2 MS2 (051113)) (website)
Zen Cart (1.3.6) (website)

FAQMasterFlex (1.1) (website)

ViPER Guestbook (X1.1) (website)

Hosting Billing
AccountLab Plus (2.7 r4) (Commercial, needs license) (website)
phpCOIN (1.2.4) (website)

Image Galleries
4images Gallery (1.7.4) (website)
Coppermine Photo Gallery (1.4.9) (website)
Gallery (2.1.2) (website)

Mailing List
PHPlist (2.10.3) (website)

Polls and Surveys
Advanced Poll (2.03) (website)
phpESP (1.7.5) (website)
PHPSurveyor (1.0) (website)

Project Management
PHProjekt (5.1) (website)
dotProject (2.0.4) (website)

Site Builders
Soholaunch Pro Edition (4.9 r43) (Commercial, needs license) (website)
Templates Express (website)

PhpWiki (1.2.10) (website)
TikiWiki (1.9.4) (website)

Other Scripts
Dew-NewPHPLinks ( SEF w/Thumbshots) (website)
Moodle (1.7) (website)
Noah's Classifieds (1.3) (website)
Open-Realty (2.3.4) (website)
phpAdsNew (2.0.8-pr1) (website)
PHPauction (2.1) (website)
phpFormGenerator (2.09c) (website)
WebCalendar (1.0.4) (website)
*Support for these scripts not provided.

DLLSTX2: Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX where Innovative Design servers are located
78,500 sq. ft. facility
35,500 sq. ft. raised floor
(23) HVAC units totalling 574 tons
Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system
Over 500 smoke detectors in integrated system
Northern Proximity security badge entry/exit
Multiple TXU electrical grids
4800 amps of 480v input power
3 main transfer switches
(3) 500KVA Powerware UPS units, 90 batteries each
Standalone PDUs at each cabinet row
1-megawatt generator (2000 gallon tank)
1.5-megawatt generator (2200 gallon tank)
DataTrax monitoring for all datacenter infrastructure

Server Network At A Glance
The server's network architecture utilizes the Enterprise routing and switching engines from Juniper and Cisco. They utilize Juniper M20 routers as border routers, Cisco 6500 series switches in their distribution layer and Cisco 6500 switches in their aggregation layers, and Cisco 3500 and 2900 series switches at the customer layer. The server's network is fully meshed and redundant with 8 backbone providers for a total of 28 Gbps of available bandwidth. The server's also use Internap connectivity which offers redundant, high-speed connections to all major Internet backbones, offering unmatched reliability.

Cisco Certified Network
Juniper M20 Border Routers
Cisco 6500 Series Distribution Routing Switches
Cisco 6500 Series Aggregation Switches
100% Uptime SLA utilizing HSRP/BGP

Building Fiber
OC48 SONET Ring - Time Warner
OC48 SONET Ring - XO Communications
OC48 SONET Ring - Looking Glass
OC48 SONET Ring - Broadwing

Backbone Carriers
3 Gbps Direct Fiber - Global Crossing
3 Gbps Direct Fiber - UUNET
5 Gbps Direct Fiber - AT&T
4 Gbps Direct Fiber - Level3
4 Gbps Direct Fiber - AboveNet
4 Gbps Direct Fiber - Savvis
1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Time Warner
4 Gbps Direct Fiber - Private Peers Access
T3 and T1 Access - EPGN
T3 and T1 Access - SBC
T3 and T1 Access - Time Warner
T3 and T1 Access - XO Communications
T3 and T1 Access - MCI

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