Outlook 2007 Configuration with Upgrade Option

1) Open up Microsoft Outlook 2007.

2) Select Account Settings... from the Tools menu.

Select Tools, then Accounts...

3) On the E-mail tab, click New.

Add a new mail account

4) Select "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and click Next >.

Enter your first and last name

5) Select Internet E-mail and click Next >.

Enter your email address

6) Enter the following information for E-mail Accounts.

  1. Enter your first and last name in the Your Name: field
  2. Enter your FULL email address in the E-Mail Address: field
  3. Enter mail.yourdomain.com in the Incoming mail server(POP3): field
  4. Enter mail.yourdomain.com in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP): field
  5. Enter your full email as your username in the User Name: field
  6. Enter your password in the Password: field which is case sensitive
  7. Place a check in the box next to Remember password
  8. Click More Settings ...

Select server type and mail names

7) Select the General tab at the top of the Internet E-mail Settings window

  1. Enter your name in the Mail Account
  2. Enter your Business Name or "Home" in Organizations: field
  3. Enter your full email in Reply E-mail: field
  4. Click the Outgoing Server tab

Enter username and password

8) Even though the below graphic doesn't show it, you should check the "My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication" and then dot the "Use the same settings as my incoming mail server". Click the Advanced tab.

Enter username and password

9) These are normally default, and should look like this. Click OK.

Enter username and password

10) Click Test Account Settings and it should give you all green checks if you entered all correctly.

Enter username and password

11) The Tasks should show green checks if you entered all correctly. Click Close and then Next.

Enter username and password

12) Click Finish

Select dial-up connection option

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