Outlook Express Configuration

This is a step-by-step setup of email from within Outlook Express.

1) Open Outlook Express. Click on Tools and choose Accounts.

Select Tools, then Accounts...

2) In the Internet Accounts Window, click Add and choose Mail.

Add a new mail account

3) Type in your Name and click Next.

Enter your first and last name

4) Type in your email address and click Next.

Enter your email address

5) Choose POP3 as the incoming mail server. For the server names for both Outgoing
and Incoming, type mail.domainname.com.

Select server type and mail names

6) Type in your full email address as your account name. Also type in your password and click Next.

Enter username and password

7) Click Finish on the Congratulations screen.

Select dial-up connection option

8) Click Close to close out of the Internet Account window.

Select dial-up connection option

9) In Outlook Express, click Send/Receive

Check for new messages

3) If you are unable to connect to the smtp server, your ISP may be blocking port 25 from
3rd party use. Contact your ISP if this occurs. This is a very common problem with DSL.

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