Digital Photography Services
I have utilized digital photography since it's advent and proceeded by 35mm. I started out as a 4-H photographer and kept in pace with technology since black and white film. My gear is only top quality in every aspect. Canon camera bodies, the best Canon optics and lenses for every need and lighting options to cover nearly any project. The equipment list includes Victor lighting for road trips, Bogen tripods, heads, reflectors, diffusers, gels, jibs, scrims you name it, a studio on the go. All my gear is mobile and ready for departure in minutes.

Photography Rate: $65 an hour using Canon 5D. (Others: $500 min. or $100 hour)

I have terrabytes of samples and will post in time. Please click image for larger preview.

Please visit my Better Photo Gallery to get a better sense of style and capabilities.

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