Setup Email Accounts as POP3, not IMAP

The email accounts available through most hosts are POP3. This means the emails are downloaded to the users email client (like Outlook) storing the emails and attachments locally on the user's computer. IMAP is an email protocol with hosting exchange. Meaning the emails are stored on the remote hosted server with infinite space for emails and attachments. IMAP service is typically a PAID service above and beyond the hosting fees, whereas infinite email space is an enormous consideration. Innovative Design hosting is strictly a POP3 service.

A common problem with users setting up their own email accounts verses using a professional technician is they sometimes setup the account incorrectly. One of the problems that sometime occurs is a user's email client (like Outlook) is setup trusting the default Outlook 2007 and 2010 automatic search and connect. What happens is the account is setup as IMAP due to Microsoft's singularity in automation. Any account setup with MOST hosting services must be done manually to assure POP3 configurations, or the account will default to IMAP, fill to capacity and seize up service.

A huge problem with IMAP is your attachments are NOT accessible without internet connection. Additionally, you will lose all your files and emails when discontinuing IMAP service unless you spend time to download GIG's of data, much that will be encoded and potentially not easily accessible. As long as a user backs up often, POP3 is the best choice! However, a nice benefit of IMAP is the email is accessible from any device or client anywhere, always current and in sync. Google mail can be setup as IMAP and is often a choice for those who need email accessible from any device. As mentioned above, Innovative Design hosting is strictly a POP3 service.

If a user has been notified that their email is setup incorrectly, and now they need to change their automatically setup IMAP account to a POP3, assistance will be required if ANY of the email on the server is deemed valuable. The easy solution, change the local email client (like Outlook) to POP3 by fully deleting the IMAP email account and setting up correctly as POP3. Then request that the server email be purged to the current date. This solves the problem immediately and easily. If instead, you want to save all the email and attachments locally, your host will have to manually click through all the emails and prepare for download once the POP3 is setup properly on the client's end. This takes times, especially when it can entail GIG's of emails. Innovative Design charges $50 an hour to assist if this is service is required. All hosted accounts were setup with details submitted as POP3 upon initiation, not IMAPI, therefore the weight of the problems rests upon the users incorrect setup.

The proper method of POP3 setup is provided on the right via the buttons reading "Setup Outlook." Outlook 2010 step by step is not provides, whereas it is basically identical to Outlook 2007 setup.

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