Setup Email POP3 Accounts on iPhone

This page provided information as how to configure and setup a POP3 email account on the iPhone. There is certain information that will be required for you to complete this configuration which is as follows.

Note: The how to guide may be different than what you see on your iPhone depending on the version of firmware and model that you are using. However, the steps outlined in this document are generalized and should be similar with each version.

This information is required and should be available by your ISP, email hosting provider
or systems administrator

1. Incoming mail server “example:
2. Incoming mail server port number if different “110
3. Outgoing mail server “example:
4. Outgoing mail server port number if different “25
5. Username
6. Password
7. SSL required or not

Let us get started with the configurations
1. On the main screen of your iPhone tap on the Settings button
2. Tap on Mail, Contacts , Calendars
3. Tap on Add Account
4. Tap on Other
5. Tap on Add Mail Account
6. Type in your full name
7. Type in your email address
8. Type in your password
9. Type in a description for this account
10. Tap
11. Tap on POP
12. Enter your Name
13. Enter your email address
14. Enter your description of this account
Incoming Mail Server
15. Enter the Host name: Incoming mail server
16. Enter your username
17. Enter your password
Outgoing Mail Server
18. Enter the Host Name: Outgoing mail server
19. Enter your username
20. Enter your password
21. Tap Save
22. If required by your ISP or email provider please select Yes or No on the next screen when prompted about Configure with SSL or not.

Make iPhone Mail Delete Mail from POP Servers (or Keep It)

Fortunately, you can set up iPhone Mail so that it deletes from the server automatically after downloading — but only messages you've removed from your iPhone's inbox. Other options include keeping copies of all messages on POP servers and removing them a week after downloading, which should be time enough to download them to a safe and permanent place.

To have iPhone Mail remove downloaded messages from your POP account automatically:
1. Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen.
2. Now tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
3. Tap the desired account under Accounts.
4. Select Advanced.
5. Now tap Delete from server under Incoming Settings.
6. Select: •Seven days to have iPhone Mail remove mail from the server a week after it has been downloaded.
7. When removed from Inbox to make iPhone Mail delete mail from the server only when you delete it from your iPhone Mail inbox.
8. Never to deep copies of all messages on your POP server.
9. Press the Home button.
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