Print Design & Management
Graphic design for printing has been the long-standing hallmark of Innovative Design. Beginning in 1984 as a photographer and layout artist for publications, my experience is extensive. Moving quickly from the Compugraphic Edit-Writer 7500 to the Macintosh FX and Quadra platform in 1986 as the industry changed with the advent of the computer. 8 years later, another shift to Windows 2000, XP and Windows 7 as the platform showed better potential than the Macintosh (my personal experience, although Mac users might differ).

From concept to delivery, Innovative Design has the connections for the best product without the typical agency markup. Having worked in several printing businesses from mailroom manager to prepress manager and technician, printing comes second nature.

Provided below are a few design samples for your review. Please click on thumbnail image for large preview. It is one thing for a person to claim a skill and quite another to prove it. My style varies and the design is always based on BUDGET, great layout takes time and textensive weaking. My conservative design technique has unique flair that sets it apart from mainstream design expectations.

I have boxes of samples and will add as time allows. Please click image for larger photo.

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