Digital Videography Services

Innovative Design has provided video services in some form for the past 12 years. However as of recent, the request has expanded as websites providing media tutorials and demonstrations has grown.

The video gear is seriously high-end, the same equipment used by many stringers, news crews, media agencies and producers. This NEW high-def camera is equiped with BNC composite connectors, meaning it can be used for live feeds used by news crews or within a studio environment that need to transmit live. The post-production is equally impressive with current applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Encore DVD, Canopus Procoder, Canopus Video FX, Discreet Plasma, Discreet Effects, ProDad Heroglyph, Boris Red and many other helper applications. A long list of encoding and decoding codecs are used to support every end-use requirement. Innovative Design
has completed numerous
cable commercials and business presentations from video to post thru distribution.

Digital Video Camera:
JVC GY-HD200U 3-CCD ProHD Camcorder w/16:1 Fujinon Lens. The HD200 is designed for news gathering, field production and cinematography. The HD200 offers multiple frame rate recording including full-frame 720p/60 imaging and real 24p. Its high resolution and smooth motion make it perfect for ENG and recording sports events, while its HD progressive 24 frames per second record rate lends itself to cinematic productions, giving them a very natural and film-like appearance.

Video Camera Accessories:
- Anton/Bauer Dionic90 3 hr Battery System
- JVC Firestore DR-HD100 100GB Drive
- Manfrotto/Bogen 3127 Portable Video Dolly
- Bogen 501 and 3066 Video Fluid Heads
- Bogen 3039 Pro 3-Way Head
- Bogen 3233 Professional Tripod
- Bogen 3191 Professional Tripod
- Smith-Victor SV950 Quartz Halogen Pack
- Smith-Victor K77 Tungsten Light Set
- JVC HD-100 6 pc. HD 82mm Filters
- Fujinon TH13X3.5BRMU 13x HD Lens
- JVC 1.4x Wide Convertor for Fujinon lens
- Sekonic Super Zoom Master L-608
- Chroma Key Green Muslim with stands

- Sennheiser EW112PG2 ME2 Omni Lavalier
- Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun with K6 Capsule
- JVC MV-P615U Super Directional Microphone
- Studio Projects B1 Fixed Cardioid on 8ft Boom
- Audio Technica AT3035 Cardioid on 12ft Boom
- ART Vacuum Tube MP V3 12AX7a Pre-Amp
- DBX Vacuum Tube 12AX7 Mini Pre-Amp
- Sony MDR-V150 headphones for monitoring

Post-Production Editing:
Real-time non-linear editing with latest non-linear software on a 3.2 Ghz Windows XP, Dual-array SATA with 120Gig ATA pull tray drives for each project and HP DAT72 tape backups.
- JVC SR-VS30U VTR deck support for miniDV, 4:3, 16:9, SDI, Firewire, USB, Component, S-Video, Composite, XLR, AES-EBU, RCA, VHS, SVHS, DVD.
- JVC BR-S822U Professional S-VHS & VHS-C Editing Recorder / Player.
- JVC BMH1300SU HD16:9, 4:3 and NTSC/PAL Professional Production Monitor

- Output to miniDV, S-VHS, VHS-C,
   VHS, or DVD
- Epson R340 CD/DVD printer for
   small run reproduction

Videography Rate:
$75 an hour (Please take note: The typical rates for professional videographers is $1,250 a day or $155.00 hour. High-def is typically $175.00 to $215.00 an hour) Editing, management and production, $50 an hour. Innovative Design does not provide media conversion services nor does it work in Betacam, Digital Betacam or HDcam.

More sample videos will be added as time allows.

Project shot in studio on green screen in 720p HD. Post in Premiere 2.0 using Photoshop layered images. Rendered 16:9 700x349 streaming WMV format: CLICK HERE
Med-resolution sample of commercial created for Louisiana home seller: CLICK HERE
Low-resolution sample of commercial edited for Texas Hearing Center: OFF LINE

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