Selected Website Samples

Welcome to my Web Design Portfolio. Please excuse the outdated design of this business website whereas I am too busy with projects to update it. Featured on this page are just a few of the websites I have designed over the past 18 years. I have designed over 300 websites since 1995. My unique website design philosophy has helped businesses nationally by presenting effective online digital brochures that relay their business clearly. I can help create you or your company your best website possible! The satisfied customer list is always growing so return soon for more examples of Innovative Design creations.

Email Broadcast Design:

Included below are a few e-zine email or newsletter links for clients who required email marketing.

Website Banner Design:

Website Design Rates

Costs vary considerably based on need. Some businesses require a simple introduction page as an internet presence and nothing more. Others need a digital brochure of sort, something that allows a national exposure without the printing cost of a brochure. Then there are companies that need the automation for database functions, not apparent when the website site is visited, but a background function that is technically involved.

Unlike printing, website design is multi-faceted and subject to diverse variables. The going rate for good designers are $85 to $100 an hour... I only charge half that rate and am considered by many an excellent designer and script developer. Coupled with my hosting services, high-end digital photography, digital video with editing studio, 400,000 stock photos, images and stock video footages, my capabilities make Innovative Design a "One-Stop" vendor. This lowers your cost and eliminates multiple vendors, which is the cause of project and communication breakdowns. You can rest assured that you are receiving the best service!

A list of customer references with the contact person's name, email address and phone number are available upon request. I encourage new clients to complete a referral check on me for sake of confidence. Please click Contact Me to ask any questions or to ask how to begin your project.

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